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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

[Quick Tips] Cancel your CMD's command in process with Ctrl+C

Just a quick tips here.
Sometimes when you're working Windows Command Prompt or CMD, the command takes too much time to finish, just like Checkdisk(CHKDSK). And when it's in process, we need to use another quick commands(like dir) by cancelling current command in process.

To stop CMD or command prompt process, we can press "Ctrl + C" buttons. It will cancel the current process and let you input another command. It's more useful when you're using the command prompt in a non-GUI system, just like "repair" function in Windows XP installation disk.

FYI : Some commands or processes in CMD can't be stopped/cancelled with 'CTRL+C', but most of them do stopped.

Hope it will be useful to you.. ^.^

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Aoi Tokichiro said...

Woa, man this is helpful!

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