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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Moving Pointer without mouse

"Suddenly mouse pointer not moving
Computer Shop still closed, many
tasks need to do, can`t borrow mouse from neighbor because they doesn`t have
computer. It`s time to make our keyboard as a mouse"

The Steps to make keyboard as a mouse:

1. Go to control panel ,then Accessibility Options
2. Go Mouse tab
3. select "Use MouseKeys"
4. Go to Settings
5. Select all options there
6. pointer speed : top speed=high, acceleration=Fast
7. Use MouseKeys when Numlock is ... (On)
8. Ok\apply

Now everytime Numlock is On, we can move mouse pointer with numbers buttons at Keyboard numpad.

1=diagonal down-left
3=diagonal down-right
7=diagonal up-left
9=diagonal up-right
5=OK (enter)

Additional Note :
hold "CTRL" to increase pointer speed
hold "Shift" to decrease pointer speed.

Hope u helped:D.

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