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Monday, July 13, 2009

Y! GeoCities&360 is Closing with My Forgotten Geocities Site

Hi all,
2 days before exactly 10 July 2009, I got an Email from Yahoo which said

"Important notice: GeoCities is closing on October 26, 2009".
That time, I'm thinking "I'd had a website at GeoCities and I almost forgot it." Why? Because GeoCities offer very limited features and the URL is rather difficult to remember.

After then, I opened logged in and found another closing service from Yahoo.
Y! 360° is a blog service from Yahoo and today 13July, 2009 is the last day to copy your Yahoo!360° blog content! Better Quick! Until this post created you still have 17hours to copy your entire post at Y!360° blog!!

FYI: Me myself don't own a blog Y!360°.
However my
FIRST website I created my own
was at Y!GeoCities ==>,

but I think it's not accessible anymore from public. I gonna move the files to my domain at later.

Sights, I think I can still keep my first website I created at the place. But what can we say, it's free service and Yahoo did offer unlimited space at Y!Mail already. In My Opinion (IMO) that's why Yahoo keep closing its services, which taking much bandwidth.

Just like Yahoo!Briefcase which closed before, and now GeoCities and 360°Blog also closing, that's all happen because Unlimited Space at Yahoo Mail (My Own Opinion).
Nothing we could do for those all, EXCEPT . . . . .
COPY/BACKUP Our files,post,website,everything
from Yahoo! Geocities and 360° Blog NOW!!

That's all I can say, Hope it's useful and you aren't late..
Bye-2 ^.^

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson a.k.a Jacko The King Of Pop

Hello all,

It's late, but I will post this.
The King of Pop Michael Jackson was died on 50th 29 June 2009(1958-2009) and buried yesterday. Memorial service was held on Staples Center Los Angeles. Fans, Friends, and Family of Michael Jackson (Jacko) was coming there. However not all the fans can get the tickets it's very limited, and so all fans who got those tickets was very happy there.

One things which make that Memorial service very interesting, touching, memorable. It was when Michael's daughter, Paris Jackson, expressed her love for her late father. She Said,"I Just wanna say, I Love Him So Much".
You can also see the video recorded at the moment inside Staples Center.
at ==>

More info I knew (Not guaranteed the truth^^'):
~Jacko Brains were not buried with his body, they said they to autopsy more about his death.
~Google also thought if it was under attack on the day Michael Jackson Died, because of overhelming search of "Michael Jackson"
~And there were many information that I heard but not sure about it, so I didn't write it here.
~Since Michael Jackson make a "full body surgeon/modification" about from 25years old, he kept suffering and need to consumes Drugs to cover his suffer

Read more about Michael Jackson on BBC:

And All I Can and Wanna Say is :
"Rest In Peace Michael Jackson The King Of Pop"

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

UltraSurf auto-Proxy ~ Easily Surf any Blocked Website Safely & Anonymously

Hello all,
New things here, but I got it from my friend quite a long time ago.
It's UltraSurf, an Auto-Proxy aplication that make you ANONYMOUS on the Internet right away.

SUMMARY With UltraSurf you can browse any website that blocked your IP address or visitor from your country, just like using proxy but easier.

Actually UltraSurf will connect you to the UltraSurf Proxy Server and HIDE your real IP Address. This way you are ANONYMOUS on the net and that make you have more "Privacy, Security and Freedom" as Ultrasurf said. If you are in Anonymous mode, no one will really know where are you from and somekind like that.

Why I call it Auto-Proxy?

It's because, we DON'T need to search any Proxy server IPs in the net again,
and that's mean we're ONE STEP FASTER to be ANONYMOUS ^.^

Why we need to be ANONYMOUS?
I'm not always used to be anonymous all the time too. But I use it sometimes.
"UltraSurf is a free software which enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in the world safely and freely. Users in countries without internet censorship also use it to protect their internet privacy and security." from UltraSurf.
for example
if a website blocked your IPs or country for some reason. You can use another country PROXY IP addresses to access that website, then the website will identify you as a Visitor from that Proxy IP addresses location.
UltraSurf is the same as if we are using Proxy IP Address.

How to use UltraSurf?
1. Download the tiny application, current ver 9.5 (only 420kb)
2. Extract it
3. Run it, it will connect you automatically and Open your IE browser.
Then you can browse the net Freely now ^.^

Hope it useful.

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