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Sunday, February 28, 2010

[Trick]How to Show Original Standard Desktop Icons

Hi all,
very long time since my last post. I'm so sorry.

Anyway, I want to tell you how to show original standard desktop icons, remember it's the original one and NOT only shortcuts. The original that I meant was My Computer, My Documents, My Network Places, and Internet Explorer. Because by default the desktop is lank and only an Original Recycle Bin icon shown, and as what I've saw so many people used the non-original(shortcut) icon for these icons.

Follow these steps to show original non-shortcut desktop icons
(my computer, my documents, my network places, and internet explorer):
1. Right-click on the blank part of your Desktop
2. click "Properties"
3. click "desktop" tab
4. click "customize desktop" button
5. Tick on all icons inside "desktop icons", ex: My Documents, My Computer, My Network Places, and Internet Explorer
6. OK and OK

Note: In some situation, we may can't find Internet Explorer in Desktop Icons.

Q:Why using the original icons for these icons?
A:Because the original icons gives us more options when right-click on them.
example: right-clicking on Original my computer icon, would give us additional options like "manage, map network drive, and disconnect network drive".

Q:Can we use those additional options without using those original desktop icons?
We can use them too, by right-clicking the same icon from "Modern Start Menu in XP".
But if you are using the classic start menu, the easier way to access it is by using these original standard desktop icons.

Hope it will be useful for you.
Thanks for my reader,
don't forget to follow my blog. ^^

n Have a happy Cap Go Meh for Chinese Reader too.

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