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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

URL Restriction in Making bulletin at Friendster? use TR.IM

The 95th articles this year, is about friendster bulletin. Making a bulletin isn't hard, but there are some restriction in it.
Just like: long URL are going to broken apart, so the links are error.
and using tinyurl will make the bulletin didn't comes up..

So to make a shorter url, I used TR.IM.
We can also register and manage our URL's, just like TinyURL. But TinyURL are prohibited in Friendster bulletin.

Hope It Helps ^^

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Important Emergency Tips ~ EDITTED!!

Yap, There are so many blogs that posting this kind of article. But i think it's useful for the readers that never read it.

Emergency Number
Emergency Number for Handphone or Cellphone is 112 not 911. If you are in an area where No Signal from your operator and need to cal for helps, call 112 (one one two). Your cellphone will make an emergency call using all resources and searching for available networks in that area. It will ignore every protection to helps you make an emergency call.

HOAX/FALSE!!If you are in danger, reverse type your pin

"If you are in danger like robbery by someone, and forced to take money from ATM(Automated Teller Machine). YOU CAN CALL FOR HELP SILENTLY, with typing your PIN right side to left. For Example, your pin is 56742, then type 24765. The ATM will take out the money and at the same time calling for police station without known by the robber.
In the internet, they said this feature are available in every ATM, but only some people that knew about it, tell other people too."

EDIT : IT'S A HOAX, TELL other ppl if THIS TIPS IS HOAX. the 1st n 3rd tips in this post is real, just this tips is HOAX. READ Elazul Comment for more info, Thanks to Elazul for the website reviewing this HOAX.
EDIT END---------

Check your Jakarta Car/motorcycle info(For Jakarta Area Only "B license plate")
Type : metro B 8828 XM (change the red font with your police number) send it to 1717. And we will get reply from Police Department about that vehicle, it's useful when you are about to buy that car..

You can read the Indonesian Version at :

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How to Service and Fully Control your Epson Stylus Printer?

OK, this one gonna be very useful for Epson Stylus Printer Users including me.

Do you ever get warning from Epson Status Agent about "Your printer are at the end of Service"? Or do you oftenly do "Clean Heads"? The Power Led and Red Led blinking?
It's not a big problems, mostly the printer is just have the "waste ink pad" full.

What is waste ink pad?
Waste ink pad is the place where ink that used for "clean head" are stored temporarily, and needs to cleaned/drained once it gets full. To clean/drain it, we need an expert or who understand about printer mechanism. When you call the expert, also tell him/her to make a pipe from the "waste ink pad" to a bottle at outside of the printer, so next time when the warning(waste ink counter gets maximum) come out again. We can solve it ourself with this freeware.

This is SSC Service Utility, it has ability to make a Factory Command for Epson Stylus Printers.. The warning I said is when "waste ink counter gets to maximum", waste ink counter cen be reset with this freeware. The Waste ink bottle that we put outside printer can be cleaned manually by hand. So we just need one time service from the expert for this warning. ^.^

How to reset the waste ink pad counter?
1. Go to , download and install the freeware
2. Turn on your Epson Stylus Printer and start the freeware.
3. Click on "configuration" tab, select your installed printers and the models in the drop-down list.
4. Click on "Ink monitor" tab and click refresh, your ink level should be displayed.
5. Close the SSC Service Utility, and the icon should displayed in the taskbar.
6. Right-Click on the icon -> Protection Counter -> Reset Protection Counter
7. Then Right-click again on the icon -> Extra -> Soft Reset
8. Done ^,^

There are still many features in this freeware, you can try it by yourself later.

Warning!! making a pipe connected to the waste ink pad could lead to Losing Your Printer Warranty
Notes :
1.Use the cables you got when purchasing the printer. If it's Parallel Cable use it, dont use converter when using this freeware. Otherwise the freeware cannot communicate with the printer
2.You can also use this freeware as replacement of Epson Status Agent.

Hope it helps. ^.^

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How to add an Internal 3G HSDPA to ASUS Eee PC

I going to make some articles today, even it's rather short articles.

Do you planning to buy ASUS Eee PC?? So you are, Lucky. There is a blog that are making his ASUS Eee PC that has an Internal 3G HSDPA Modem.
The blog owner are providing many HardMod tutorial to your PC or notebooks.

Read the step by step tutorial to add the 3G HSDPA Modem to your ASUS Eee PC :

Remember Hard Modding your Hardware equals to Losing your Hardware Warranty.

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XIRKA - Wireless Chipset from Indonesia

Hello all,

it's today it's tonight, it's the last day in 2008. ^^

When browsing in the internet I found that Indonesia also produces wireless chipset which named XIRKA.They produce Wireless Chipset, like bluetooth, WiFi, etc. I don't find to much information in the websites.

Maybe they just produce the chipsets to be integrated in your wireless products..

Check The Website at :

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

At Last, Indonesian Language Supported | Baca dengan bahasa Indonesia^^

Hello all,

When I just starting to blog here, I thought a very long time about what language do I use. And I think international(English) would be good, although I thinked about Indonesian too, because there is no website translator for Indonesian language at that time. I also thought about make another blog with indonesian version or posting with dual language.

But now, we have Google Translator Beta, which support Indonesia Language. Now Indonesian readers can also read more easily.
Even it's beta, but I think the translation result is fairly understandable.
You can change the language by choosing it at the right side.

For Indonesia Language You can CLICK HERE.

Big Thx for Google, I make this as a X'Mas Gift for Indonesian People HO Ho hO ^^

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How to Automatically Delete Autorun Virus from Flashdrive & Immunize it??

Hello all, Today is Christmas, but I'm not going anywhere. So I'm going to give a tips here.

In Indonesia, where I used to live now. Most of virus come from Autorun Flashdrive / Flashdisk / Pendrive. And mostly spread from infected college computers.

I did tell you tips about : HOW TO prevent VIRUS to AUTORUN from flashdrive by Disabling Autoplay. But it's still autorun when we double-click the drive.

So we need a better trick to patch that weakness. We are going to need Ninja Pendisk Freeware. Which will AUTOMATICALLY delete Autorun Virus from Flashdrive/pendrive/Flashdisk.

"Ninja is the freeware zero-configuration program designed for guarding computers against viruses transmitted by USB pendisks.

To keep things simple, ninja is fully portable, self-contained and requires no installation.
Besides removing known virulent files, this tool will also immunize your pendisk and create a folder called autorun.inf with special protection permissions to protect your pendisk from being infected again when plugged on contaminated computers."
Follow these steps:
1.Go to to Download Ninja Pendisk or click here to download!
2.Run it once downloaded, keep ur internet connection online.
Ninja will try to download configuration file which will automatically updated when connected to internet.
3.You will see a file named "ninja.txt" comes up, that's an update and setting of Ninja Pendisk. Change the setting if you want ^^.
4.Right-click on Ninja in taskbar, and activate disable autoplay.
5.Plug in your Flashdrive, a dialog pop-up displaying the processes of Virus Deletion and Immunize your Flash Drive.

FYI : It support XP & Vista; This tricks gonna prevent most common virus using autorun, but don't let your guard down in Internet and other things.

Read more about it from:

Hope it helps, Merry Christmas

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Merry X'Mas 2008

Ing el L 2x
Ing el, all de way..

X'Mas has come~
within all of us~
in 2 thousand eight~eight..

Merry Christmas Everyone ^^

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blocking Apps with GPedit.msc

Hello all,

I juz passed my 1st semester tests, that's why I didn't blog anything back then. And also because of my ISP are still having problem with International connection, so I can't browse freeely.

Now, after a long time I want to tell you how to make "a list of allowed only programs" or "a list of disabled programs". It's useful if you don't user/s to access applications which aren't related to their works in office. ^^

Follow these steps:
1. Go to Start -> Run -> type "gpedit.msc" w/o quotes.
2. browse to "User Configuration" -> "Administrative Templates" -> "System"
3. Find and double clicks "Run Only allowed Windows Applications"(if you want to make a list of all apps that you allow to access)
or "Don't run specified Windows Applications" (if you want to make a list of apps that you don't allow to be accessed)
4. Choose "enable" option, and click on "Show..." option.
5. And add the application process names in the list. For example : winword.exe ; notepad.exe ; wmplayer.exe ; winamp.exe.

FYI: You can't disable process like Task Manager which started by "System" account. You can disable it with other policies.

You can also see the following pic:
Free Image Hosting at

QuickPost Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!

Hope it help, Come Back soon.

Next time I will tell you a Trick to prevent virus from your flashdrive to autorun. ^^

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