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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Disabling Autoplay

Hello, now is the time to disable autoplay for your safety. Autoplay usually used by virus to be started once u plugged to a computer.I will tell u how to prevent it to started automatically. Maybe u ever here how to disable autoplay using some combination keys(I forget what is it), but I think it's useless.

To make Disable Autoplay, follow these steps:
1. Start, then Run
2. Type "gpedit.msc"
3. From "Local Computer Policy", point to "Computer Configuration" -> "Administratives templates" -> "System".
4. Then search for "Turn Off Autoplay" at the right side, double click it!
5. Change the setting from "Not Configured" to "Enabled".
6. Change also the setting in "Turn Off Autoplay On" from "CD-ROM Drives" to "All Drives".

Hope its help!

REMEMBER! after u set these settings, any autoplay that in you CD, USB, and etc will not automatically started. U must start it Manually!


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