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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Opera 10 TURBO Final

Second post today,
but just a short post. After my last post about Opera browser feature : Opera Link.

This time is about Newest and Latest TURBO Browser Opera 10 Final. It said to be FASTEST BROWSER among other browser, the TURBO feature make it give us server-side compression of the website we visitting, so Dial-Up connection can load website almost like a BROADBAND Connection. TURBO feature also SAVE our BANDWIDTH, very important for who that using limited internet bandwidth. ^.^

"Opera Turbo boosts your Internet bandwidth speed on slow connections by using Opera proxy servers to compress data and image traffic before it reaches the Opera browser on your computer." from

BUT compressing the images will sacrifice the image quality too, but it definitely improves the loading speed. ^.^"

Also this new version give us more FLEXIBILITY in Background and Number of Speed Dials(layouts).
Read how to personalize it at => Opera Tips~Speed Dial LAYOUT and Opera Tips~Speed Dial BACKGROUND.

One more thing, there is a line under the TAB, which can be pulled down, just like a curtains to view a screenshot of every tab. Try it Out too!

In the first week of Release OPERA 10 FINAL also got an AMAZING downloads record 10million times!! ==> Record downloads of Opera 10 indicate appeal of turbo browsing
Amazing, I Love OPERA ^o^ :p ^e^ r.r A.A..

Download now!
Download Opera, the fastest and most secure browser
Install now!
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Cheat Download for Indonesian Audition patch august 2009

Hi all,
This gonna be a post about cheat for Ayodance Game, the Indonesian Audition cheat. We usually use this cheat to get DEN(money system at the game) fasterby playing Battle Party/BP (game mode). Starting this month my website ~ ~ will be adding the this new feature, so Cheater can find Ayodance cheat easier and for FREE.

If you're a Ayodance player or interested in this cheat or you want to be a cheater. Continue your reading ^.^

This month, I had 2 Ayodance Perfect Cheat that worked at this August 2009 Patch, those were MagicDancerFix and IceModzLite, they were ON/OFF able cheat when we're playing.

Ayodance Cheat for August Patch 2009:
1. MagicDancerFix or MagicDancer v2
MagicDancer was famous enough, however in Ayodance August 2009 patch MagicDancer was blocked by the updated Ayodance HackShield(HShield). MagicDancerFix was the same with old MagicDancer, just it was modified with the addition of old HShield data. So when we start it, old AyoDance HShield automatically recopied for MagicDancer to work.
(I found this, because when I start it many files spawn at HShield folder of Ayodance in Hidden attibute)

Download at ==>MagicDancerFix via 4Shared
Continue reading for the password.*

How to use:
1. Extract the file
2. Copy all FILEs INSIDE the folder(not the folder) to AyoDance folder(folder with patcher.exe)
3. Open "MagicDancerFix"
4. fill password with "a" without quotes
5. Click "Start Another Country"
6. Start Ayodance.
7. When playing:
F11 : Cheat PF OFF
F12 : Cheat PF ON

2. IceModzLite
This AyoDance Perfect Cheat actually complete but after various Ayodance patch, Chance Hack(Delete) can't be used anymore. However Perfect Cheat still can be used.

Download at ==>IceModzLite via 4Shared
Continue reading for password.*

How to use:
1. Extract the file
2. Copy all FILEs INSIDE the folder(not the folder) to AyoDance folder(folder with patcher.exe)
3. Open "IceModz ~"
4. UNCheck "Full Screen", "Audition VN", and "Hack Delete", Click OK at the popup dialog
5. Click one of the button at servers : "HN" or "HCM" or "DN".
6. Start Ayodance.
7. When Playing:
F10 : Cheat PF ON
F11 : Cheat PF OFF

*PASSWORD to extract the file is "" without quotes..

USE it ONLY at saat Battle Party (BP).
Problem like Banned and etc is FULLY USER's RESPONSIBILITY.

HAPPY PLAYING (cheating ;-)

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