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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Access Friendster Private Profile w/o FS Account

Hello all,

At the last post about Friendster(FS) Hacking, we can access private photos.. But It's death for now..
The Latest News
in FS Hacking is to Access Private FS Profile, same with the last hacking trick NO NEED FS ACCOUNT to hack them..

The Free Service will automatically download Photos(exc. private photos), user profile, and comments from the target profile and Viewed directly from the website. I think it's good enough right..

8Digits of UID Numbers
(Read More at "Access Priv Photos...")

the CUSTOM URL link.. (example: )

I Wouldn't tell u anything more..
The Free FS Private Profile Hacking Service can be accessed from :

NoTe 2 Read :The Hacking Script still cannot view the private photos..
~ OOT : Want Music for ur Webpages/FS?? Go TO ~

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Friday, March 13, 2009 D' New Music Site ~ Revival of MiMusic

According to the last post --> "Thingking name for my new music site"

I had buyed a new domain for my new music site 3 days ago exactly at Tuesday, 10 March 2009.
The Website is :
This website going replace But just today I can access and manage my website SMOOTHLY.

My internet connection can't access Cpanel or FTP, except using proxy or from other internet cafe. So, today I called my internet provider technician, to check what is happening. They tried many times for 2 hours, and lastly at 5PM they changed my IP address. They said my IP had been blocked by

??? But I can access it at the first day after I purchased my domain and hosting ???
More Importantly Now I'm still uploading files to that website. Maybe 3 more days my will filled with some songs.

So Check it soon ^.^

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

[Surveys] About The Blog ~ For the Better Future of this Blog


It's been long time since I started blogging here, and many modification made here until this blog be like this. From Time 2 Time, I'm feeling this blog is slowing down because of many resources/links/contents from other websites.

And Now I Want to Survey all my readers, more exactly asking for Opinions from all of you about everything in this blog.

"You can Enter your Opinion by comment In the COMMENT BOX."
For example, tell ur opinion about Better Media Placement, Features, New/Further Modification, Templates, Domain Names, ANYTHING for this blog, remember Everything.
After then, we'll talk about the next step about your opinions.

"Start Giving Your Opinion Now and Give Ur Vote in the served POLLs!"
By the way, I also will keep making some polls about some Features in this blog, like Sudoku, Snapshot, Media Placements, and others..

Thanks For ALL.

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[NEW Feature Integration] Odiogo ~ Voice Our Content

It's been a long time since I signed up with But I forget to tell you all about this feature.

Now is the time to integrate Odiogo with my blog, then this blog Readers will be my blog Listener. ^.^

Odiogo provides a free service for bloggers like us, to convert our texts into voice. With Odiogo Voice Reader, my Readers can changes their habit between reading or hearing.

You should find a NEW "Listen Now" button under the post title.

CLICK HERE to Subscribe for Odiogo Powered RSS Feeds

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Thinking Name for my New Music Site ~ Reviving MiMusic

Hello all,

Maybe not all of you know about MiMusic is Mine Music Site, which had been suspended about 2 months ago.. Now I'm thinking a NAME for new Music Website, in others word the Revival Of

I've got some candidates for the name:

FYI, there is ONE name that perfect, but it's used:
It's - (Do Revive MiMusic ^.^)

Help me choosing by Voting!! ^.^


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