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Friday, September 12, 2008

Access Friendster Private Photos w/o Request any Permission!

Do you ever asking?
How to Open Friendster(FS) Private Photos without Requesting permission?
or even without logging in to Friendster accounts?

I just found a website that provides some hack or service to steal Friendster(FS) Private Photos.
You don't need to login to any FS account to open the target private photos.
All you just need is 8 digits of FS UID numbers!!
To Steal the Photos, follow these way ^^:
1. Find the UID number of target FS accounts, which located
ONLY COPY THE 8 digits of UID numbers, DON'T copy ""!!
2. Open
3. Paste the UID number to the box, and click "I Love Sheila"!
4. And all Friendster albums of that user will be displayed, just choose the album with lock pict.
5. Then the pictures will come to your screen.

EDIT(Sorry I forgot to wrote this):
But there is one weakness of this hack. It's can't be used for Friendster account that using custom url, like mine:"" so if it's not numbers we still can't use this hack. Maybe u can after u found a way to check his/her UID numbers. ^^

With this hack you can also view pictures of Friendster accounts that don't give you permission to open the album if you aren't his/her friends.

IMO: This hack or service would not useable for long time, because soon Friendster will found at fix the bug. So don't waste your time and use it while it can. peace ^^

Disclaimer : DO NOT abuse this service
This web is for educational only !


Anonymous said...

Sebenernya tetep bisa kok walau pun menggunakan custom URL, basicnya friendster masih menggunakan UID untuk mengenali usernya.

Anonymous said...

Not working any more, you can view the albums but if you click the lock icon, nothing happens . .

Anonymous said...

man its not working. well nice tips anyways. thanks.

Anonymous said...

no longer working.... nothing happen

Anonymous said...

it's not working

Anonymous said...

Use this link to view friendster private profile (not for private album):

Friendster Private Profile Viewer

You can also view most recent comments for the user you want to peep (even if it's a private profile)

You can directly enter the friendster profile url, no need to find friendster UID.

Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Mana, kok udah gak bisa mad?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I know how to check the userid.

just go to his/her profile and paste this on the address bar :

then hit enter and you got it =)

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