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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Access Friendster Private Photos w/o Request any Permission! Part.2

According to my last post, I did said if this hack can't be used to friendster user that using custom url. But I did thinked about how to find the UID. There is a new way to find out the 8 digits of Friendster UID number.

To find the UID number follow these way, it's similar with the last method:
1.Open the target friendster profile. Maybe the target is using custom url like "", so no UID numbers?? WAIT there is.. on the default pictures, it will lead u to the picture album, and there is UID numbers!it should be looked like -->3.Now just open and u should know what to do, if don't read the previous post.

FYI: there is new function in that service, thumbnail mode, which will give u view of all photos in thumbnail. So it will load faster.


Anonymous said...

this doesn't work anymore with the private albums. :(

mickeel said...

Sadly, doesn't works to Private photos anymore. But it's still working to photos that aren't private.

It's still useful, if u aren't the friend of him/her and wants to open his/her photos.
While his/her friendster profile can only be viewed/accessed by his/her friends only. ^^

Anonymous said...

nah. it's not working too in private profiles. nothings showing up sir.

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