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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Proud to Corsair Memory

My Personal Computer did malfunction since about 1 and half month ago. I did changed the Hardware one by one, and found my memory and motherboards damaged because of thunderclap. The malfunction can be described as the PC sometime want to boot normally, but after a few minutes about 10-15 it gets hang and doesn't boot for days. There is no beep when booting after the malfunction.

I purchased that PC at year 2004. My motherboard does have warranty but only for 1 year. But my Memory 2xDDR1 Corsair Value Select 512MB do have lifetime warranty, so I just gave it to the store where I purchased it about 3 weeks ago. And Today I got 2x NEW DDR1 Corsair Value Select 512MB

I'm so happy, although I feel a little different between the new memory and the old one. Maybe Bus Speed, the new one do have 400MHz bus speed.
However, the amount of IC/CHIPs, the old ones do have 16 IC/CHIP (Double Sided) and the new ones do have 8 IC/CHIP (Single Sided).If old Corsair IC/CHIP printed only "Value Select" logo on it, then the IC/CHIP in the new CORSAIR print "Corsair" logo on it.
The old Memory:
My new memory:

That's mean the construction of this memory is newer. ^^


I Proud to Corsair Memory Aftersales Service.

This is no to promoting, but I just want to share my experience. ^^


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