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Friday, September 5, 2008

Google Chrome BETA:New Browser,New Features, n New Bugs!

Google just published new browser Google Chrome, which still in BETA version.
Google, which does have many crative minded employee, not just making an usual web browser like others famous web browser. Google Chrome made with many features and improvement than other browser. However, as a new browser Google Chrome do have many bugs too.

The New features that Google Chrome did want to tell the most are:
-Simple Interface, Easy to Operates .
-Faster browsing, using Google Web Accelerator 'IMO'. ^^
-Improved Java VM, more stable and faster
-Multifunction Box for Web search, Web history, Address bar.
-New Tab page, view some of your most visited websites for faster browsing
-Application shortcuts, make webs apps like email service have its own shortcut on desktop.
-Dynamic tabs, drag any tabs out of current windows and new windows opened or manage all active tabs as you wish.
-Crash Control, every tabs run its own process, so if one app/tab crashes. It wouldn't take anything else down.
-Incognito mode, just like a private mode. Your CACHE will never show up in WEB HISTORY.
-Safe browsing, Google Chrome will warns you if you're going to visit a website suspected as unsafe website; web pages and its webkit or plugin have a separated process too.
-Instant bookmarks, just click a star icon and You BOOKMARKED the PAGE
-Import Settings, you can import setting, bookmarks, and other from your existing browser.
-Simpler downloads, No intrusive download manager; you see your download's status at the bottom of your current window.
You can read more about the features @ Google Chrome Features

The minus things/bugs of Google Chrome BETA:
-Currently Google Chrome Beta only supported by Vista/XP SP2.
-Some website with Java or Flash aren't working.
-If you type ":%" w/o quotes, Google Chrome will crash

For Your Info: Google Chrome is built with opensource code of Chromium and the Linux version of Google Chrome is being build at Chromium.Org.

Watch the story behind Google Chrome development @ Behind the Chrome Video
There is also the comic that tells you about the features and what are the development team thinked about Google Chrome. It's also a little funny Google Chrome Book



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