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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Download C&C Red Alert Classic for FREE!!

"31 August 2008 is the 13 Anniversary of the storied Command & Conquer frachise, which has sold 25 millions copies to date. and to celebrate the new release of Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, EA(Electronic Arts) giving away the first series of Red Alert."

And for those who pre-order Red Alert 3 before October 27th, they will get bonus Red Alert 2. So you will get Red Alert 1,2,3 together

As I remembered, I did played this game for the first when I'm having my first computer lesson in Jakarta. What I learn in that course is Microsoft Word and Excel. I forgot what year is it, I think about 1999 or 2000. It was popular that time.

By the way, There is also more promotion for those who pre-order Red Alert 3. See the site for more info, because we are not talking about that.

The important thing is to download the C&C Red Alert Classic.

There is 2 type of C&C Red Alert Classic that you can download The Soviet disc and The Allied disc, I don't really know what is the different.I think the different only what are we going to use in the game.

The Games support for Windows XP/ME/98/95. Even the software doesn't supported by Vista, various fan sites of Red Alert have made strategies and tips for making the software function on Vista. You need winzip or winrar or similar program to unzip the files, the files is compiled as ISO image, u need to burn it into a CD or mount it using virtual CD program to install it.



NOTE: even in the website there is 3 different server(North America,Europe, and Asia) for each files, the link was the same. So I think the server is only one, u can check the links in the website to prove it ^^.

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