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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alternative for "No to all" option

Do you ever copy a thousand of files like pictures, videos, music or documents in a copy paste session?
Do you ever think about "no to all" option to be there in your XP Operating System when you are copying those files? I do.
Those which we copy may have a same filename, and windows will ask about the replacement. There are only 3 options there "Yes to all", "Yes", "No", and "cancel".

"Then we need to keep clicking "no" to every files that have a same filename? That's gonna eats much time, isn't?
I just found an alternative for "no to all" option recently. This alternative doesn't needs any modification on registry, aplication, or program. This trick can be very usefull when you want to copy thousand of files but don't want to overwrite any files.

You can keep clicking no, if you want to kill your time. BUT, for does who don't want to wasting times. There is a hidden trick to tell windows not to overwrite/replace files with the same filenames, and windows will skip them over.

When Confirm File Replace dialog box appear, simply HOLD SHIFT BUTTON and click "NO" button.

And windows will not ask you about the replacement for that Copy-Paste session.

As I remember, in Windows Vista there is "No to all" in the Confirm File Replace dialog box. But it's will be usefull if we still using windows XP. ^^

Hope it's Helping


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