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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

*Updated*Download Red Alert Classic for FREE!!

Hello, there is an update in EA website about how to install Red Alert classic in XP and Vista. As, I guessed before, they use a compability mode in XP and Vista to run Red Alert Classic.

And also they said,
"Currently, online support for Red Alert 1 and Red Alert 2 is handled by XWIS whom host the servers for online play. If you'd like more information or need online support for either game, please visit for more info."
So there is a online play server too, NICE isn't it. ^^

I haven't told you about the different of Soviet disc and allied disc, the different is the mission. in the Soviet disc we play the Soviet mission, so as Allied disc.

64-bit OS user: Players have reported success installing the game using the Red Alert Setup Manager v0.98 tool.

I will only tell you the required program:
-First download the Red Alert Classic CD =>here
-the files is compressed with rar filetype, u need Winrar or Winzip or similar program to extract it.
-If you don't want to burn it into CD, then you need a virtual CD program like MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM or Daemon Tools which is freewares.

You can
Tutorial for XP
Tutorial for Vista

Sadly, I did made a .doc to make that page offline for those who has limited internet connection.

But there a copyright in the site:"© CnCWorld 1999-2008. No part of this site may be copied without prior permission of the site webmaster. All images are public domain unless part of the layout, or stated otherwise. All content/downloads are property of their creator." T.T


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