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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to Login as 'SYSTEM' in XP

Hello all,

Again Long Time No Post.. This time I wanna tells you How to login as 'SYSTEM' in Windows XP. This account type is the highest level/position in Win XP, higher than the admin. As I heard, all NTFS permission

Follow these instructions:
1. Open CMD (Start->Run->type'cmd')
2. type: "at 2:32PM /interactive cmd" w/o quotes
Replace 2:32PM with ur computer time & add 1min
3. Wait a minute, and new cmd windows pop up as you scheduled before. But it's not an usual cmd.
4. move to Windows directory in cmd, using "cd.." command w/o quotes.
5. Open Task Manager(ctrl+alt+del), go to processes
6. Select 'explorer.exe' and press 'end process' and 'yes'
7. Now back to the special CMD, type: "start explorer.exe" w/o quotes
8. Wait for a few minutes, and now your user level is 'SYSTEM'

Many Restrictions is gone in this mode. So Be Carefull, especially if you don't really understand what are you gonna do/set in this mode. Because computer will not restrict anything you do. Your setting in this mode can lead to computer malfunction, if you are not careful.

FYI: this mode only remain until you restart ur computer or logout that user. You need to follow the instruction above again to login as 'system' again. :D

And until I posted this tips, I still don't know what is the extra features when we are in 'system' mode. But ONE thing I know, 'SYSTEM' user is at the TOP rank of user account types.

1.Youtube-How to log in as 'System' user in Windows XP.
2.Metacafe-How To Login To The Hidden Windows XP 'SYSTEM' User-account.


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Friday, November 7, 2008

Editing Desktop.ini II - Changing the Folder Font Color

This is it, the second episode, changing folder font color.
Did u ever notice the default color of the font color, it's black, and the background are plain white.
Nah changing the font color is very useful, especially when your folder background pics make you hard to read the fonts.

We need to add a line of code into "desktop.ini", I willn't tell you how to open "desktop.ini" anymore you can read i the prev post.

Read these instruction:
1. Open "desktop.ini"
2. Copy the code in the following box:

Paste all of it, Right under "iconarea_image..." codes in "desktop.ini".
3. Reopen the folder

The "iconarea_text" code that I give you is for white color, it's a hex color value.
You can change the value for different color, some more codes for different color:
1.For black - "0x0" or you can delete the line of color code
2.For red - "0x000000FF"
3.For blue - "0x00FF0000"
4.For green - "0x0000FF00"
replace the codes w/o quotes.

You can learn more about it at : Wikipedia-Web Colors.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Editing Desktop.ini I - Making Folder Background Picture in WinXP

Hello all, long time no write ^^.

I made episode article again, the first episode will help u making your folder have an image in the background. We will edit "desktop.ini" file which should appear after we customized the folder.

Follow the instruction :
1. Change your "folder setting" to "show all hidden files and folders". You can read past article to do it -> Viewing Super Hidden Files.

2. Go to inside the folder that u want to change the folder background image. Right-click, "customize this folder", "change icon", select any of these icon, OK, OK.
(This part is just to make windows make "desktop.ini" files. For some unknown reason, the system wouldn't apply our customization of "desktop.ini" if we made the files manually.)

3. Now, the "desktop.ini" files should appear, edit it with notepad.

4. Now add the following codes before/after the text inside "desktop.ini".


6. Refresh(F5). If nothing change, try to Reopen the folder.

FYI: The codes that I give should show you "crystal.jpg"(default winxp desktop background pics.
Now, to make more reflect to what you want. I mean the picture that you like.
You can edit the path at the last line into your path of your picture. Paste the path, right after "iconarea_image=".

FYI again: if it's removeable media, u can make the path relative not absolute, so it's more flexible.
If the pic are in the same folder with "desktop.ini", the path can be "\(pic filename)" without quote.

Final one, to restore the folder icon into the default icon, delete the following codes inside the "desktop.ini":

Sorry, the "br" html code is return ^^;

Next episode, I will tell you about the icon text color.


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