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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Opera Link ~ Synchronize your Opera Anywhere

Hi all,
sorry for my delayed post here, today I'm going to introduce the last features I added at my Browser. Opera Link.

"Ever wondering, 'how to sync your Opera from anywhere?'"
"Yes? continue reading then ^.^"

Yesterday I'm thinking how to sync my Primary Browser(Opera) between my PC and Notebook. And then I found, 'Opera Link'. I found it can sync out Opera everywhere and anywhere.

You can also access your synchronized data via browser without sync it if you want.
You can access your Notes, Bookmarks, and Speed Dials configuration from "Opera Link Website"

Is Opera Link safe?
I also wondering that, but as far you don't share your account, it will be safe.

How to synchronize your Opera??
Before we start, you will need:
1. an Opera Account, SIMPLE REGISTER at ===>>>
2. Newer Opera version, Opera 9.20 doesn't support 'Opera Link'

Now follow these steps:
1. Open ur Opera Browser
2. go to 'File', and click 'Synchronize Opera'
3. Type in your username and password, and press 'Login'
4. Opera will connect and sync the data to your account.
5. Sync Status can be seen at the bottom of browser.

But on the way using this feature, I found 2 little problems:
1. It's doesn't supported on the older Opera,
~~~~~My Notebook was using Opera 9.20, and it didn't support Opera Link,
just upgrade to current newest version Opera 9.64.

2. My ISP has some connection problem with 'Opera Link' server
~~~~~I'm using 2 ISP with HSDPA modem & wireless broadband. On the wireless broadband ISP, I can't Sync anything on the first time.
However after I try proxy for the First sync, the next sync no need proxy anymore^.^
So Just try proxy ur HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP connection if you can't sync it!
And also use a good Proxy IP, no need to be so anonymous.

To ACCESS your DATAs online, go to ==>

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Monday, June 22, 2009

[3D]2nd 3D Short Animation by 16th years old boy a.k.a me

Hello all,
to complete my last post..
I had finished my 2nd 3D Short Animation on 16th years old in 2009.
This animation was about a day the X going to school to take his Exam Result (Ujian Negara). But still in this version not all the sounds had been put, however bubbles will replace it.

Fully made By Me a.k.a Mickeel Pramono on 16th years old in 2009.

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New Videos! make a Long Time No Post..(Sorry)

Hello all,
And Sorry Everyone.
I was making a new Simple Short 3D Animation Video. So I'm currently place all my time there for this week. However the video are goint to finish today.
So, wait my post.

But, before you close this Tab/Window, please continue reading a little more.^^
The video I currently making is using the last character at the previous video I made.
So you can see my video for a while, even it's not really making sense.

That video was made, because I want to make a checkpoint on my 15th to 16th birthday, about how far a 15th years old boy in making 3d animation.
And the 2nd video will be about The day my Character taking a report of School Last Exam(Ujian Negara).
Wanna know more, you can talk with me by Chatbox! ^^

Thanks for reading, and also Watching

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