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Monday, June 22, 2009

[3D]2nd 3D Short Animation by 16th years old boy a.k.a me

Hello all,
to complete my last post..
I had finished my 2nd 3D Short Animation on 16th years old in 2009.
This animation was about a day the X going to school to take his Exam Result (Ujian Negara). But still in this version not all the sounds had been put, however bubbles will replace it.

Fully made By Me a.k.a Mickeel Pramono on 16th years old in 2009.


Mufid said...

Pake apaan tuh bro bikinnya?

How do you make that?

mickeel said...

Program Utamanya si 3DsMax 9.
Sedikit Editing pke Pinnacle Studio 9.
Tinggal Bubble"ny pke Youtube ^.^
The Primary program is 3DsMax 9
Little Editing using Pinnacle Studio 9.
Just few Bubbles with Youtube. ^.^

Mufid said...

3DSMax? wah keren! Belajar darimana bro?

WHAT?? 3DSMAX?? REALLY? Awesome! How do you learn that?

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