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Monday, September 22, 2008

Microsoft Dreamspark:Givings away Microsoft Softwares for free!!

Ever hear Microsoft Dreamspark? You don't? Then keep reading ^^.
Dreamspark is new thing from Microsoft which giving away Microsft made softwares for FREE, juz like:Visual Studio 2005 & 2008, win Server 2008, Sql Server 2005, Expression Studio, Game Studio, and mores. Some of them are Professional edition, Developer edition, and most of them are Express edition.

Microsoft made Dreamspark, because they wants to helps Student all over the world to download professional-level Microsoft developer and design tools to unlock your creative potential and set you on the path to academic and career success. And also to make different.
To find out more about what is Microsoft Dreamspark open ->

In order to get these softwares for free, students will be asked to establish or verify your student status once every 12 months and must be in legal age(18+). Sadly, there are still many countries that are not fully registered yet. So they still can't participate in Microsoft Dreamspark.

Lucky you to those countries which were registered, so go to
Login with your with Windows Live ID or register it for new one.
Verify your student status.
And download Microsoft Softwares for FREE and LEGALLY!

Bye2 ^^

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Access Friendster Private Photos w/o Request any Permission! Part.2

According to my last post, I did said if this hack can't be used to friendster user that using custom url. But I did thinked about how to find the UID. There is a new way to find out the 8 digits of Friendster UID number.

To find the UID number follow these way, it's similar with the last method:
1.Open the target friendster profile. Maybe the target is using custom url like "", so no UID numbers?? WAIT there is.. on the default pictures, it will lead u to the picture album, and there is UID numbers!it should be looked like -->3.Now just open and u should know what to do, if don't read the previous post.

FYI: there is new function in that service, thumbnail mode, which will give u view of all photos in thumbnail. So it will load faster.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Access Friendster Private Photos w/o Request any Permission!

Do you ever asking?
How to Open Friendster(FS) Private Photos without Requesting permission?
or even without logging in to Friendster accounts?

I just found a website that provides some hack or service to steal Friendster(FS) Private Photos.
You don't need to login to any FS account to open the target private photos.
All you just need is 8 digits of FS UID numbers!!
To Steal the Photos, follow these way ^^:
1. Find the UID number of target FS accounts, which located
ONLY COPY THE 8 digits of UID numbers, DON'T copy ""!!
2. Open
3. Paste the UID number to the box, and click "I Love Sheila"!
4. And all Friendster albums of that user will be displayed, just choose the album with lock pict.
5. Then the pictures will come to your screen.

EDIT(Sorry I forgot to wrote this):
But there is one weakness of this hack. It's can't be used for Friendster account that using custom url, like mine:"" so if it's not numbers we still can't use this hack. Maybe u can after u found a way to check his/her UID numbers. ^^

With this hack you can also view pictures of Friendster accounts that don't give you permission to open the album if you aren't his/her friends.

IMO: This hack or service would not useable for long time, because soon Friendster will found at fix the bug. So don't waste your time and use it while it can. peace ^^

Disclaimer : DO NOT abuse this service
This web is for educational only !

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Google Chrome BETA Secret Pages

"While reading a comment on a published article at, I saw a
unique trick shared by a user named Viktor. He found a hidden page
while reverse engineering the software. A hack that will open a page
full of information .........."

Unlock for Us: Tips and tricks: Google Chrome Secret Pages Hack! - Google Releases First Chrome Beta

Here are the Google Chrome special URL's:

and of course.. the easter egg:

More vulnerable thing or bugs in Google Chrome:
-Google Chrome doesn't loads Gif images sometimes.

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Google Chrome BETA:New Browser,New Features, n New Bugs!

Google just published new browser Google Chrome, which still in BETA version.
Google, which does have many crative minded employee, not just making an usual web browser like others famous web browser. Google Chrome made with many features and improvement than other browser. However, as a new browser Google Chrome do have many bugs too.

The New features that Google Chrome did want to tell the most are:
-Simple Interface, Easy to Operates .
-Faster browsing, using Google Web Accelerator 'IMO'. ^^
-Improved Java VM, more stable and faster
-Multifunction Box for Web search, Web history, Address bar.
-New Tab page, view some of your most visited websites for faster browsing
-Application shortcuts, make webs apps like email service have its own shortcut on desktop.
-Dynamic tabs, drag any tabs out of current windows and new windows opened or manage all active tabs as you wish.
-Crash Control, every tabs run its own process, so if one app/tab crashes. It wouldn't take anything else down.
-Incognito mode, just like a private mode. Your CACHE will never show up in WEB HISTORY.
-Safe browsing, Google Chrome will warns you if you're going to visit a website suspected as unsafe website; web pages and its webkit or plugin have a separated process too.
-Instant bookmarks, just click a star icon and You BOOKMARKED the PAGE
-Import Settings, you can import setting, bookmarks, and other from your existing browser.
-Simpler downloads, No intrusive download manager; you see your download's status at the bottom of your current window.
You can read more about the features @ Google Chrome Features

The minus things/bugs of Google Chrome BETA:
-Currently Google Chrome Beta only supported by Vista/XP SP2.
-Some website with Java or Flash aren't working.
-If you type ":%" w/o quotes, Google Chrome will crash

For Your Info: Google Chrome is built with opensource code of Chromium and the Linux version of Google Chrome is being build at Chromium.Org.

Watch the story behind Google Chrome development @ Behind the Chrome Video
There is also the comic that tells you about the features and what are the development team thinked about Google Chrome. It's also a little funny Google Chrome Book


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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Proud to Corsair Memory

My Personal Computer did malfunction since about 1 and half month ago. I did changed the Hardware one by one, and found my memory and motherboards damaged because of thunderclap. The malfunction can be described as the PC sometime want to boot normally, but after a few minutes about 10-15 it gets hang and doesn't boot for days. There is no beep when booting after the malfunction.

I purchased that PC at year 2004. My motherboard does have warranty but only for 1 year. But my Memory 2xDDR1 Corsair Value Select 512MB do have lifetime warranty, so I just gave it to the store where I purchased it about 3 weeks ago. And Today I got 2x NEW DDR1 Corsair Value Select 512MB

I'm so happy, although I feel a little different between the new memory and the old one. Maybe Bus Speed, the new one do have 400MHz bus speed.
However, the amount of IC/CHIPs, the old ones do have 16 IC/CHIP (Double Sided) and the new ones do have 8 IC/CHIP (Single Sided).If old Corsair IC/CHIP printed only "Value Select" logo on it, then the IC/CHIP in the new CORSAIR print "Corsair" logo on it.
The old Memory:
My new memory:

That's mean the construction of this memory is newer. ^^


I Proud to Corsair Memory Aftersales Service.

This is no to promoting, but I just want to share my experience. ^^

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*Updated*Download Red Alert Classic for FREE!!

Hello, there is an update in EA website about how to install Red Alert classic in XP and Vista. As, I guessed before, they use a compability mode in XP and Vista to run Red Alert Classic.

And also they said,
"Currently, online support for Red Alert 1 and Red Alert 2 is handled by XWIS whom host the servers for online play. If you'd like more information or need online support for either game, please visit for more info."
So there is a online play server too, NICE isn't it. ^^

I haven't told you about the different of Soviet disc and allied disc, the different is the mission. in the Soviet disc we play the Soviet mission, so as Allied disc.

64-bit OS user: Players have reported success installing the game using the Red Alert Setup Manager v0.98 tool.

I will only tell you the required program:
-First download the Red Alert Classic CD =>here
-the files is compressed with rar filetype, u need Winrar or Winzip or similar program to extract it.
-If you don't want to burn it into CD, then you need a virtual CD program like MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM or Daemon Tools which is freewares.

You can
Tutorial for XP
Tutorial for Vista

Sadly, I did made a .doc to make that page offline for those who has limited internet connection.

But there a copyright in the site:"© CnCWorld 1999-2008. No part of this site may be copied without prior permission of the site webmaster. All images are public domain unless part of the layout, or stated otherwise. All content/downloads are property of their creator." T.T

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Download C&C Red Alert Classic for FREE!!

"31 August 2008 is the 13 Anniversary of the storied Command & Conquer frachise, which has sold 25 millions copies to date. and to celebrate the new release of Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, EA(Electronic Arts) giving away the first series of Red Alert."

And for those who pre-order Red Alert 3 before October 27th, they will get bonus Red Alert 2. So you will get Red Alert 1,2,3 together

As I remembered, I did played this game for the first when I'm having my first computer lesson in Jakarta. What I learn in that course is Microsoft Word and Excel. I forgot what year is it, I think about 1999 or 2000. It was popular that time.

By the way, There is also more promotion for those who pre-order Red Alert 3. See the site for more info, because we are not talking about that.

The important thing is to download the C&C Red Alert Classic.

There is 2 type of C&C Red Alert Classic that you can download The Soviet disc and The Allied disc, I don't really know what is the different.I think the different only what are we going to use in the game.

The Games support for Windows XP/ME/98/95. Even the software doesn't supported by Vista, various fan sites of Red Alert have made strategies and tips for making the software function on Vista. You need winzip or winrar or similar program to unzip the files, the files is compiled as ISO image, u need to burn it into a CD or mount it using virtual CD program to install it.



NOTE: even in the website there is 3 different server(North America,Europe, and Asia) for each files, the link was the same. So I think the server is only one, u can check the links in the website to prove it ^^.

More Info? Click Here ==>

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