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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RE-Learn a 3D Program from 3DsMax to Blender

Hi everyone..

Just sharing something that I just did. Since 4th year Junior High School I learned Modelling n Animating with 3D Studio Max, because I want to be someone that can make cartoon just like in the TV. And now there were already some examples of I can do with 3Ds Max.
Just like:
1.X Dance ~ 3D Animation by 15years old Kid
2.[3D]2nd 3D Short Animation by 16th years old boy
3.and last project of making a Game Level of my house: [EXP]MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, Make a Game Level of My House Finished before 2009 End ^^

Now after I made agame level with Cryengine, I found an obstacle that make me a little disappointed. It's because the CryEngine can't make a Stand Alone Engine for the Game Level we made, instead we must use CryEngine to load our game level. I learned this game level making because found a simple walkthrough of a room, which packed under 1MB size and that make us easier to transfer it to another computer. Then I Tried CryEngine because can't find the tutorial about that program.

But Not Now, it's 2010, I Re-Search the Tutorial over the internet, found someone asking in the forum that was in a CERTAINLY SAME SITUATION as me, that is my way to find some Tutorials. And I Re-Learn the New 3D Program named BLENDER from Zero. ^^

OK.. I had been searching for resources, articles, tutorials, and everything about making a simple Walkthrough with Blender for a long time. But in these 2 last weeks I found 9 Pages of Blender Tutorial that was very helpful. Finally today, maybe I found the PRECIOUS Thread that someone that have the SAME SITUATION which contain Tutorials to make a walkthrough. He/She really have the same situation as mine, so take a look. ^^

Actually.. Since I bought Ebooks Collection of CHIP MAGAZINEs & found a Blender walkthrough sample, I really interested to make it, but I can't find Tutorial bout it anywhere. I just tried to start the Blender from the CD, and I blind, because I only learned a 3D Program (3D Studio Max) that time.

Until 2 days ago, I Re-Learn Blender from Zero. I really didn't know anything about using blender until now. But I think I can and I want to make that walkthrough as I found the Tutorials. I think maybe It will be useful for some people, so try ==>
There I found step-by-step tutorial of making a walkthrough using movement script in Blender.

Tomorrow I will try to find export Script from 3Ds Max to Blender, because I designed My house with 3D Studio Max and not Blender.

Then, I will need to learn and get used to Blender the Freeware, Powerful, and simply 3D Program from Zero. Along with this, I think it's a good opportunity to Learn Blender and Make a walkthrough with it. As many 3D Artists in Indonesian was using 3D Freeware Blender and publish their cartoon/animations to TV Station and Advertising.

AND MAYBE! The Best Opportunity is to get along with them working as 3D Artists.. ^^

Hope Me Luck, OK! ^.^
And Thanks for Reading, I'm just sharing my Experience these weeks, Next time will be Tips and Tricks. ~.^

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Check Your Windows System Original BirthDate / Install Date

Hi all,
This is it the next simple post.
Wondering: How to check the original Install date of your windows Operating System?
Want to know the date or day you installed Your Operating System (OS)?

Get It here..
With just a VERY SIMPLE COMMAND, you will get what you want. PLUS, more Information about your Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Direct to the Steps,
Follow these ^.^:

1. Open Start Menu -> Run
or press "Windows + R" buttons
2. Type "CMD" w/o quotes
3. Type "SYSTEMINFO" w/o quotes and wait for a while.

And You Got It, Find "Original Install Date", that will tell you what time your Operating System Installed.. ^.^
You can also find, "System Up Time" to check how long your computer turned ON and UP that time. ^.^

Hope It Helps..

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Happy New Year 2010 ^^

I Just wanna say on the third day of 2010.

Happy New Year EveryBody.
Help Yourself to Get Better and Better Life
and Get More Knowledge here.. ^.^

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