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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Check Your Windows System Original BirthDate / Install Date

Hi all,
This is it the next simple post.
Wondering: How to check the original Install date of your windows Operating System?
Want to know the date or day you installed Your Operating System (OS)?

Get It here..
With just a VERY SIMPLE COMMAND, you will get what you want. PLUS, more Information about your Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Direct to the Steps,
Follow these ^.^:

1. Open Start Menu -> Run
or press "Windows + R" buttons
2. Type "CMD" w/o quotes
3. Type "SYSTEMINFO" w/o quotes and wait for a while.

And You Got It, Find "Original Install Date", that will tell you what time your Operating System Installed.. ^.^
You can also find, "System Up Time" to check how long your computer turned ON and UP that time. ^.^

Hope It Helps..


Alice said...

Didn't work... Using windows xp home.

mickeel said...

I'm sorry.
Unfortunately, I don't have any Computer with Windows Xp Home edition. So I can't check it.

Anyway, thanks for your information ^^

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