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Sunday, July 29, 2007


From now, you don't need to type long url like :
Because I made a new url that redirect you to this blog.

The URL is:




If your browser cannot open the first one.

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From now, I will put usefull utility that I said at one of free web hosting. So, these utilites does not lost, it just for backup. And the url is I will made the directory viewable, but it will take time.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Viewing File Extension Name

Sometime, you need to see your files extension. But many/almost all files are not viewing the extension anymore after it finds a program to open it. Maybe you knew it a long time ago, but I will tell you who doesn't know it yet. There only one setting needed to view the extension.

Follow these steps:
1) Open a folder or "My Computer"
2) Click "Tools" at menu bar (If I’m right), select "Folder Options"
1) "Start Menu", "Control Panel"
2) "Switch to Classic view (For Win XP) at the left side", select “Folder Options"
3) Select "View" tab
4) At the "advanced Settings" un-check "Hide extension known file types"
5) OK

Now see your file names! There are the extension names.

NOTE: But BE CAREFUL, because now you can change the extension.
But if you changed/deleted the extension to other extension, IT CAN BE UNUSABLE!!

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Removing Icon Label / Name

TIPS - If you have too many icons on your desktop, you memorized your icon(s) name, and it's make your desktop look messy. Then, you want to make it neater you can try one of my tips that I get from CHIP mags. This tips can makes your icon be no name, if before previously you try to rename your file with just a "space", then “enter/return" it's useless, because it will back to the previous name.

Follow these steps:
1) Select one of icon on your desktop
2) Right-click, Rename or "F2"
3) Press & Hold "alt"
4) Type "0160" at your Numeric Pad
5) Release "alt"
6) "Enter/Return"

Your icon name will be blank and your desktop will look neater.
Not only at desktop, can it also be used in folders. Folder name will works too.

NOTE: If you trying this on notebook it will be more difficult, because notebook have no numpad. But some notebook does, it’s be one with your keyboard. Like mine notebook Toshiba 2450, the numpad can be activated with "Fn+F11".
Then my numpad activated with:
"m=0, j=1, k=2, l=3, u=4, i=5, o=6, 7=7, 8=8, 9=9". "=" mean become.
You can check your notebook "fn" function at the manual or ask to your notebook Customer Service.

You can copy it to other by copying the "space" that we made from these steps, and then paste it to other files/folder.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Owner and Organization Name Changed Automatically - Part 2

At last, someone answered the quetion about "Why it`s changed?". Someone who named Yuan Lukito.

He did told me, that he ever experienced a problem like this. Then he found what program that caused these name changed!! The program name is brontok remover(he does not tell the version exactly). How can he know that? Because he analyzed the program using Hex Editor. The result is: brontok remover is made with delphi and in one of the string there is "Junior Software" and "STMIK IGM" words.

So, if you experienced a problem like this you don't need to format your computer. Because it's not caused by malware/virus. It's just caused by a programmer who do it for fun or make you confused.

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