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Friday, September 21, 2007

Viewing Super Hidden Files

In every computer and every storage there are files that are being hidden.
There are 2 kind of hidden file:
1. Normal Hidden, also known as hidden.
2. Super Hidden, also known are System Files.

And many virus are hiding our files and change his name to our filenames, so we can get a wrong click that will activate the virus.

And what will I give now is, how to enable viewing hidden files and super hidden files.

Follow these steps:
To view Normal hidden files
1. Open Folder Options.
There are 2 ways:
a. Go to Start, Control Panel, Switch to Classic View, Folder Options.
b. Open windows explorer or a folder, Tools, Folder Options.
2. Select View tab.
3. In "Advanced Settings" choose "Hidden files and folders -> Show hidden files and folders".
4. OK.

To view Super hidden files just add a step before OK:
4. Uncheck "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)".

Note: viewing Super hidden files is very dangerous don't use it if you do not understand about Operating System files!!!
No Warranty to do this!!


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