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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

$100 Laptop Is Getting Pricier

"What can we say? Huh?
But OLPC price is keeping more expensive. Even this PC is for world three, we also must know that the parts or component are not from world three. So we also can't angry to the maker or anything that:D, we should respect them because they fight for all obstacle on their way to make OLPC."
Although its aim was to bring the price down, the organization behind the so-called "$100 laptop" is moving further away from its goal. The One Laptop Per Child Foundation said the device, now known as the XO Laptop, will now cost about $188. This is up $12 from the price tag the group gave in May of this year. Behind the price increase are rising costs of certain components and currency fluctuations, says OLPC, however they are committed to keeping it from rising any further.

Reports say the OLPC has commitments for about three million devices, but the group will not confirm where the devices are going until production begins in October. While the device currently uses AMD chips to power it, Intel recently dropped its efforts to deride the project and said it was working with the group to put its chips in the second version of the XO Laptop, though no release date for that has been set.
Taken from BetaNews.


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