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Friday, September 28, 2007

Change File Attributes

I come with new experience today, I will give how to make Super Hidden files to be unhidden.

According to the previous post Viewing Super Hidden Files.
Many virus especially from Indonesia, are hiding our files with Super Hidden attribute activated(System files).

How to change the attribute. If previous post is just viewing them, this time will unhide them so can be viewed at other computer without any setting.

For example, we have a file which is super hidden. How to see if a file is super hidden, see the properties of the file and see if hidden option cannot be changed.
Like:Image Hosted by

There is 2 ways, that is hard way and easy way.
Maybe you will choose the easy way. But I will give the hard way too.

The Hard Way

In hard way, we just need a command prompt. I am using windows xp, but as I know it also can be used at win 95/98 and understanding the basic of CMD command
You can learn basic of CMD from PcStats - Beginners Guides: Windows XP Command Prompt.

Follow these steps:
1. Open command prompt from
"Start-> All program -> Accesories -> Command Prompt"
"Start -> Run -> type 'cmd' -> OK".
2. Go to the folder where your data that you want to change the attribute.
3. Type "attrib" to check the file that super hidden ~EDIT:to Check files attributes~.
Type "dir /x" to view your special filenames at CMD, so CMD can understand & find it.
4. Type "attrib [+attibutes -attributes] [filename]"
Filename: is not the long filename but the one that viewed at "dir /x" command and not viewed at "dir" command.
~~EDIT~~FYI: Modern Windows/CMD will also understand the real filenames in command~~

Example: If you have a file named "Games Cheats.txt" that is super hidden. Then you must command "dir /x", it will say "Gamesc~1.txt". Then if you want to change the attribute to unhide it type "attrib -s -h Gamesc~1.txt". Then check it again with Win Explorer or CMD with "Attrib", it should no "S" and "H" attributes.

Description for attributes at the left mean:
H Hidden
S System
R Read-only
A Archive

You can also use "attrib *.exe" to process only files with ".exe" filetype.
Asterisk or usually called wild card "*" is used to manipulate a command to process/effect all variable in the place we place it.

You should read, to more understand:

The Easy Way

The easy way is using free program and you should will not having any problem like at Hard Way, because it is not using a command but clicks!

Follow these steps:
1. Download Free Attribute Changer 5.30 from at the Download Page: It's just 574KB
2. Install it.
3. You may be don't know how to start it. You must Right-click at files/folders, "Change Attributes..."
4. If you want to unhide it from super hidden unselect "Hidden" and "System" options, and if you want to make it super hidden just select those!
5. OK

Easy isn't, this is a FREEWARE that I found. It also can change the time stamp.

Hope it useful:D.

~EDITTED POST, fix mistype, adding info, and delete broken link (broken link)~
Sorry for the mistype and Hope it will help u understand better ^o^'


Anonymous said...

The easier way would be...

Under Start > Run > type "CMD"
--------- Then Type ----------------
C:\ ATTRIB -s -h *.* /s /d

It will turn off all the super hidden files under the path (C:\) you select. Change C:\ to another directory if you wish to limit the mass replace of attributes.

Anonymous said...

This Shortcut works absolutely and it is much easier way, without any download software requirement.

That's good dude... keep it up

Anonymous said...

anyway, whats the use of /s and /d..??

mickeel said...

"/s" is used to processes matching files in the current folder and all subfolders.

"/d" is used to processes folders as well.

processes means change the attributes.

if you want to know about similar code. U can add "/?" without quotes.

if u want to know the codes of "attrib".
Then type "attrib /?".

It will tell you more.

Hope it helps ^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.. This article help me so much cause my computer has been hack by somebody. And this help me recover all my photo

mickeel said...

You're welcome ^^ .

Unknown said...

Thank u very much!
this site helps me a lot...
I appreciate most the cmd way than the software to install
ur great!

Unknown said...

Great Thanks mickel for attrib -s -h *.* /s /d and again thanks .it help me to remove virus from flash drive .

mickeel said...

@Ria & Malik Saad,
You're Welcome..

It feel nice when my blog come to be useful for people like u.. ^^

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