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Thursday, December 31, 2009

[EXP]MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, Make a Game Level of My House Finished before 2009 End ^^

Hello all, maybe today I'm not telling new Experience, instead I will share my happiness. I just finished a Game level Design which based of my house building with Cryengine 2 SandBox 2 and 3D Studio Max 9. Maybe I's just still a very basic structure of my house, but it's enough for me as I already can move inside it. It's still very Fress from the Oven.

Also there is 2 more things which make me more even happier because finishing this. 1.It's my age, I'm still 16th and now making a basic 3D Building based of my own House..
2.I just learned and used SandBox 2 about a week ago from Online Tutorial, not from book.. (FY: it's because I just bought a new VGA which support to use this SandBox2)
Yuhu ^o^..

Sorry if I don't share any Tips today, but I will share it in The New Year 2010.. Take a look of some screenshots below. Fresh From the Oven

There are 19 pictures.
I didn't rendered Picture no.9 in 3Ds Max, because there is no Helicopter, it's from CryEngine itself XP..

On The left are from 3Ds Max 9.
And On the right are from CryEngine 2 Sandbox 2

Just Sharing ^.^
Happy New Year ^o^


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