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Sunday, October 11, 2009

[Trick]How to Move Original My Documents Default Location

Hello all,

I just recovered from another ill time, it's Rubella Virus.

Today, I want to share you How to Move the original My Documents Default Location, which usually located inside the "system partition/documents and settings". We will can move the My Documents folder to another folder or partition.

I think it will be useful. Example: For those(including ME) who used "Deep Freeze" program and freezed their System partition and leave their second partition unfreezed to keep their System partition free of virus.

Follow these steps:
(If followed my previous tips on =>"[HOW TO]Display Standard Desktop Icons, NOT shortcuts ")
1. Right-click on 'My Documents' folder on desktop
(If you didn't)
1. Click on 'Start' menu in taskbar.
2. Right-click on 'My Documents' folder
3. Click on 'Properties'
4. Click 'Move' button inside 'target folder location'
5. Browse to your desired New Location for the Default My Documents location
6. Then make a new folder named 'My Documents'
7. Click OK
8. Click OK again
9. 'Move Documents' dialog will pop up, click YES!
10. DONE, your 'My Documents' moved to the New Location ^.^

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use at you own risk.
Some games or programs do save their profile or datas inside your 'My Documents' folder. Some of them will detect if My Documents moved to the new location, but some MAYBE not which will make the games/programs can't find their profile or data.

Better use this Tricks on NEW user or NEW Fresh Windows installation, which haven't many programs yet. So if the program save datas to 'My Documents', it will automatically save the data to your 'MOVED My Documents' location.

Hope it Useful ^.^


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