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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friendster fully Blocked WMA and MP3 Songs embed part 2

Hi again,
yesterday I found new way to embed the songs, it's to embed the mp3 with the mp3 player. The player will be fully useable for course, we can use the play/pause and the volume buttons. But the sound have very low quality compared to WMA filetype with the same settings and file size. But using MP3 will give user NEW Feature to download the mp3 songs.
And the most IMPORTANT, the hosting for mp3 songs is still FREE.

However the MP3 player was hosted by other website in the premium hosting. I afraid it will be BLOCKED SOON by the code hoster or Friendster, which block our way to embed the mp3.

So I will keep my plan to gather donation from users to buy the hosting.
It's gathered to buy the premium hosting, to host the mp3 song embedded in the flash player directly in swf files. And also to host the MP3 Player.

Why use that way, it need PAY right?
Because embedding swf is ALMOST impossible to be blocked by friendster.
Mostly SWF will be used to put animated animation or especially GAMES by Friendster users which have been a standard feature for Friendster users.

That's why, I keep my plan to put the mp3 song embedded in the player already which hosted in the PREMIUM hosting.

Pros and Cons of using Mp3 compared to WMA


-Can be used in all computers with Flash Player installed, including MACs with Flash player installed.
-Mp3 can be downloaded by users
-The song have LOWer quality than the WMA songs with the same settings and file size.
-Need premium hosting to host the MP3 player to use it in Friendster.


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