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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friendster fully Blocked WMA and MP3 Songs embed

Hi all,
I just want to share a little about another change in Friendster embedding system. About 5 days ago, I checked my Profiles and found that one of my application to put songs gone. It is Musicbox from div*ne-mus*c which had been used to put my site's music codes from

Before that musicbox deleted, Friendster was also blocked their feature in embedding mp3 and wma songs inside their "About Me" or "Who I want to meet" or "Media Box", even embedding at new application also blocked.

After they all were blocked and deleted, just like I wrote before "Our last hope, the div*ne-mus*c which also ALREADY blocked."

Before I given up, I also thinked and Tried other ways to embed WMA songs in Friendster again.
I Tried to:
1) embed the wma using flash player from other site.
Because: there is music codes one site that still can embed their MP3 using JW Mp3 Player inside "About Me", "Who I want to meet" or "Media Box" smoothly.
Result: No use, the JW Mp3 player can't support WMA.
2) convert my songs into swf, host it at my usual free hosting, and embed it just like div*ne-mus*c or other music codes that converted their song into SWF.
Because: Remembering that "div*ne-mus*c" music codes can be embedded smoothly inside "About Me", "Who I want to meet" or "Media Box" smoothly too.
Result: No use, the code just gone from the face of Friendster after saved.
3) make a fake link of my files to the same hosting as "div*ne-mus*c" used.
Result: Code SAVED SUCCESSFULLY and saved smoothly.
Problem: The hosting need to be Premium Member which needs PAY.
With SWF files, I can't put any song info inside the properties anymore. However this is the best way.
4) embed my songs converted into swf files, host it at my usual free hosting, and embed it with JW Mp3 Player from other site.
Because: Just trying it.
Result: Code Saved successfully as the Mp3 player hosted at photobucket. But the player buttons can't be used, the song played automatically but we can't control the song (like pause).

FYI: I hide many of the site info/link in this post to keep similar free music codes site to copy my new trick bypass Friendster music embedding trick.
Because rival website (similar Music Codes site) also troubled and stucked until now. Haha.
However I found the tricks first, even it's need PAY to make it better.

I'm thinking to make donation from users to buy the premium hosting or NOT. Because the premium hosting also a bit expensive as I my website still never make any income until now. :(

Wish me to get through this problem a.k.a Challenge soon, OK!
^o^ hehe


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