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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Opera 10 TURBO Final

Second post today,
but just a short post. After my last post about Opera browser feature : Opera Link.

This time is about Newest and Latest TURBO Browser Opera 10 Final. It said to be FASTEST BROWSER among other browser, the TURBO feature make it give us server-side compression of the website we visitting, so Dial-Up connection can load website almost like a BROADBAND Connection. TURBO feature also SAVE our BANDWIDTH, very important for who that using limited internet bandwidth. ^.^

"Opera Turbo boosts your Internet bandwidth speed on slow connections by using Opera proxy servers to compress data and image traffic before it reaches the Opera browser on your computer." from

BUT compressing the images will sacrifice the image quality too, but it definitely improves the loading speed. ^.^"

Also this new version give us more FLEXIBILITY in Background and Number of Speed Dials(layouts).
Read how to personalize it at => Opera Tips~Speed Dial LAYOUT and Opera Tips~Speed Dial BACKGROUND.

One more thing, there is a line under the TAB, which can be pulled down, just like a curtains to view a screenshot of every tab. Try it Out too!

In the first week of Release OPERA 10 FINAL also got an AMAZING downloads record 10million times!! ==> Record downloads of Opera 10 indicate appeal of turbo browsing
Amazing, I Love OPERA ^o^ :p ^e^ r.r A.A..

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