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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blocking Apps with GPedit.msc

Hello all,

I juz passed my 1st semester tests, that's why I didn't blog anything back then. And also because of my ISP are still having problem with International connection, so I can't browse freeely.

Now, after a long time I want to tell you how to make "a list of allowed only programs" or "a list of disabled programs". It's useful if you don't user/s to access applications which aren't related to their works in office. ^^

Follow these steps:
1. Go to Start -> Run -> type "gpedit.msc" w/o quotes.
2. browse to "User Configuration" -> "Administrative Templates" -> "System"
3. Find and double clicks "Run Only allowed Windows Applications"(if you want to make a list of all apps that you allow to access)
or "Don't run specified Windows Applications" (if you want to make a list of apps that you don't allow to be accessed)
4. Choose "enable" option, and click on "Show..." option.
5. And add the application process names in the list. For example : winword.exe ; notepad.exe ; wmplayer.exe ; winamp.exe.

FYI: You can't disable process like Task Manager which started by "System" account. You can disable it with other policies.

You can also see the following pic:
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Hope it help, Come Back soon.

Next time I will tell you a Trick to prevent virus from your flashdrive to autorun. ^^

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Anonymous said...

good tips

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