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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to Service and Fully Control your Epson Stylus Printer?

OK, this one gonna be very useful for Epson Stylus Printer Users including me.

Do you ever get warning from Epson Status Agent about "Your printer are at the end of Service"? Or do you oftenly do "Clean Heads"? The Power Led and Red Led blinking?
It's not a big problems, mostly the printer is just have the "waste ink pad" full.

What is waste ink pad?
Waste ink pad is the place where ink that used for "clean head" are stored temporarily, and needs to cleaned/drained once it gets full. To clean/drain it, we need an expert or who understand about printer mechanism. When you call the expert, also tell him/her to make a pipe from the "waste ink pad" to a bottle at outside of the printer, so next time when the warning(waste ink counter gets maximum) come out again. We can solve it ourself with this freeware.

This is SSC Service Utility, it has ability to make a Factory Command for Epson Stylus Printers.. The warning I said is when "waste ink counter gets to maximum", waste ink counter cen be reset with this freeware. The Waste ink bottle that we put outside printer can be cleaned manually by hand. So we just need one time service from the expert for this warning. ^.^

How to reset the waste ink pad counter?
1. Go to , download and install the freeware
2. Turn on your Epson Stylus Printer and start the freeware.
3. Click on "configuration" tab, select your installed printers and the models in the drop-down list.
4. Click on "Ink monitor" tab and click refresh, your ink level should be displayed.
5. Close the SSC Service Utility, and the icon should displayed in the taskbar.
6. Right-Click on the icon -> Protection Counter -> Reset Protection Counter
7. Then Right-click again on the icon -> Extra -> Soft Reset
8. Done ^,^

There are still many features in this freeware, you can try it by yourself later.

Warning!! making a pipe connected to the waste ink pad could lead to Losing Your Printer Warranty
Notes :
1.Use the cables you got when purchasing the printer. If it's Parallel Cable use it, dont use converter when using this freeware. Otherwise the freeware cannot communicate with the printer
2.You can also use this freeware as replacement of Epson Status Agent.

Hope it helps. ^.^


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