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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Important Emergency Tips ~ EDITTED!!

Yap, There are so many blogs that posting this kind of article. But i think it's useful for the readers that never read it.

Emergency Number
Emergency Number for Handphone or Cellphone is 112 not 911. If you are in an area where No Signal from your operator and need to cal for helps, call 112 (one one two). Your cellphone will make an emergency call using all resources and searching for available networks in that area. It will ignore every protection to helps you make an emergency call.

HOAX/FALSE!!If you are in danger, reverse type your pin

"If you are in danger like robbery by someone, and forced to take money from ATM(Automated Teller Machine). YOU CAN CALL FOR HELP SILENTLY, with typing your PIN right side to left. For Example, your pin is 56742, then type 24765. The ATM will take out the money and at the same time calling for police station without known by the robber.
In the internet, they said this feature are available in every ATM, but only some people that knew about it, tell other people too."

EDIT : IT'S A HOAX, TELL other ppl if THIS TIPS IS HOAX. the 1st n 3rd tips in this post is real, just this tips is HOAX. READ Elazul Comment for more info, Thanks to Elazul for the website reviewing this HOAX.
EDIT END---------

Check your Jakarta Car/motorcycle info(For Jakarta Area Only "B license plate")
Type : metro B 8828 XM (change the red font with your police number) send it to 1717. And we will get reply from Police Department about that vehicle, it's useful when you are about to buy that car..

You can read the Indonesian Version at :


Anonymous said...

ATM Reverse PIN panic code is a hoax. Think about it.. What about people who have palindromic PIN? Like 2112 for instance.

Also don't you think it will be too late when the cops arrive?

Here is some information that might help you :

mickeel said...

Thanks a lot for the reply.. ^^

My Dad did said it too, but I still confused about the reality and planned to ask a Back CS.

But with this I will edit this article..

Thanks a lot brother..^^

Anonymous said...

actually, sms metro b xxxx xx 1717 is a very good feauture of our police department

but, i just wondering how the reply sms would be...

can you give me sone details please?

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