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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to Login as 'SYSTEM' in XP

Hello all,

Again Long Time No Post.. This time I wanna tells you How to login as 'SYSTEM' in Windows XP. This account type is the highest level/position in Win XP, higher than the admin. As I heard, all NTFS permission

Follow these instructions:
1. Open CMD (Start->Run->type'cmd')
2. type: "at 2:32PM /interactive cmd" w/o quotes
Replace 2:32PM with ur computer time & add 1min
3. Wait a minute, and new cmd windows pop up as you scheduled before. But it's not an usual cmd.
4. move to Windows directory in cmd, using "cd.." command w/o quotes.
5. Open Task Manager(ctrl+alt+del), go to processes
6. Select 'explorer.exe' and press 'end process' and 'yes'
7. Now back to the special CMD, type: "start explorer.exe" w/o quotes
8. Wait for a few minutes, and now your user level is 'SYSTEM'

Many Restrictions is gone in this mode. So Be Carefull, especially if you don't really understand what are you gonna do/set in this mode. Because computer will not restrict anything you do. Your setting in this mode can lead to computer malfunction, if you are not careful.

FYI: this mode only remain until you restart ur computer or logout that user. You need to follow the instruction above again to login as 'system' again. :D

And until I posted this tips, I still don't know what is the extra features when we are in 'system' mode. But ONE thing I know, 'SYSTEM' user is at the TOP rank of user account types.

1.Youtube-How to log in as 'System' user in Windows XP.
2.Metacafe-How To Login To The Hidden Windows XP 'SYSTEM' User-account.



Mufid said...

Wow it's nice, Mickeel! Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna bookmarking it.

Anonymous said...

Hi... I'm SoLaRFLaRe...

I entered the system account AND DID NOT CHANGE ANYTHING (i swear...) and now my brother's laptop cannot boot due to a missing or corrupt hal.dll!!! Is accessing the system account really dangerous?? Oh geez, the laptop is an old one and it doesn't even have a CDROM drive....

Can you help me?

Oh, geez, i'm in BIG trouble...

mickeel said...

If you don't changed anything, there shouldn't be anything bad happen..
Maybe the hdd have been od enough n having many bad sector which cause to 'hal.dll' to corrupt.

Read more info about corrupted 'hal.dll' and the solutions:

Anonymous said...

SoLaRFLaRe here again...

do you know how to "unlock" the hard drive? whenever i use the recovery console to access the folders of the laptop (even WINDOWS), it says "access is denied"....

what should i do? the SET command is currently disabled...

mickeel said...

Hi Solarflare,

Can you tell me what folders you are trying to open??
Was it "Windows" folder or User "Docs and Settings" folder?

FYI, Some password protected account folders can't be accessed w/o changing the user permission policy.

Anonymous said...

Hi!, hey one question, when I put at 13:24 /interactive cmd.. i press enter and inmediatly tells me acces denied..
please answer, THX

mickeel said...

==Edit of my Last Comment(Wrong Nick type)==
hi Anonymous,
Before I answer your question, please use your ID/username to comment..
Okay? :D

" when I put at 13:24 /interactive cmd.. i press enter and inmediatly tells me acces denied.. "
IMO: Did u using Limited Accound and NOT Administrator account?
U need at least one of the Administrator account in your PC to make the task.

If your computer only show you 1 user account which u are using at (the limited account),
Then folow these step:
1. open the CMD and type “net user” (no quotes)
2. you will find list of users(including hidden users); determine which one is administrator; it may be listed as administrator, etc. & should be last on list
3. now type at cmd prompt “net user administrator *” (NO quotes, replace "admiistrator" with the administrator account name).
you will be prompted for a new password; be careful… Remember your password! as it will not be shown, so remember it because you will have to confirm it.
4. exit from cmd prompt, log off then log back in using the administrator’s username and the new password.
you are now the administrator of your computer.

Hope it helps ^^

Achy-Blog's said...

sorry if my english bad :P

from the steps above, what if we just speed up the steps

From step 2, we directly use the syntax "at 2:32PM /interactive taskmgr" w/o quotes
Replace 2:32PM with ur computer time & add 1min

so the steps are:
1. Open CMD (Start->Run->type'cmd')
2. type: "at 2:32PM /interactive taskmgr" w/o quotes
Replace 2:32PM with ur computer time & add 1min
3. Wait a minute, and Task Manager will pop up as you scheduled before. But it's not an usual task manager. the task manager are from systems user
4. kill explorer.exe from administrator or user that you use before using "SYSTEM task manager"
5.load explorer.exe using "SYSTEM task manager"
6.Wait for a few minutes, and now your user level is 'SYSTEM'

I just share experiences that I do
thankyou :P

mickeel said...

Thx for ur nice tips..
I think I will keep with mine for a while as it works too..

once again thx for ur tips.. ^^

Rachat de credit said...

Thanks a ton it is a great guide, now to login as 'system' in xp is definitely easy with the help of your recommendation. Kudos

mickeel said...

@Rachat de credit,
My pleasure for sharing.. :)

Cad Delworth said...

Hello Mickeel,

I work in systems support in Edinburgh, Scotland and just tonight I was trying to remove the Norton Quarantine folder from an old HD I picked up from someone else's PC (it was their C: drive).

For those who don't know: the Norton Quarantine folder is created with an ACL which DENIES access to 'Everyone' (!). So, not even XCACLS can remove or even access that ACL, leaving the folder 'untouchable.' Not helpful when you want to selectively remove it from a drive (I've already moved a ton of 'stuff' on to this HD, so it would be a royal pain if I had to format it!).

I'd forgotten all about your excellent tip (I did used to know it, many years ago!) until Mr. and Mrs. Google pointed me to your blog. Kudos, and my thanks, to you for posting it! It did the job abd I was able to simpy delete the entire Documents and Settings folder (including the annoying Norton Quarantine folder): HOORAY!

One very tiny amendment, though. The at command line needs (on my system, anyway) to specify cmd.exe: cmd on its own didn't work.

Sincere thanks again, and greetings from a very grateful 55-year-old in Edinburgh!
Cad Delworth CEng MBCS CITP

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