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Friday, November 7, 2008

Editing Desktop.ini II - Changing the Folder Font Color

This is it, the second episode, changing folder font color.
Did u ever notice the default color of the font color, it's black, and the background are plain white.
Nah changing the font color is very useful, especially when your folder background pics make you hard to read the fonts.

We need to add a line of code into "desktop.ini", I willn't tell you how to open "desktop.ini" anymore you can read i the prev post.

Read these instruction:
1. Open "desktop.ini"
2. Copy the code in the following box:

Paste all of it, Right under "iconarea_image..." codes in "desktop.ini".
3. Reopen the folder

The "iconarea_text" code that I give you is for white color, it's a hex color value.
You can change the value for different color, some more codes for different color:
1.For black - "0x0" or you can delete the line of color code
2.For red - "0x000000FF"
3.For blue - "0x00FF0000"
4.For green - "0x0000FF00"
replace the codes w/o quotes.

You can learn more about it at : Wikipedia-Web Colors.


Anonymous said...

Aoi Tokichiro

By the way, what code for white colour?

mickeel said...

hello Aoi Tokichiro,

for white color = "0x00FFFFFF"

Come back again soon. and Merry X'mas. ^^

sankar said...


I tried this, but I could see only below files in the "desktop.ini" folder


and I tried adding "iconarea_text=0x0000FF00" at the bottom of the note pad after ICONINDEX...

but nothings works... let me know if am trying it correctly.. I am trying to explore to change font color for past two weeeks and nothing helped

Anonymous said...


replace all inside desktop.ini with this. works for most folders.

ivie said...

what code for pink and yellow

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