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Monday, July 13, 2009

Y! GeoCities&360 is Closing with My Forgotten Geocities Site

Hi all,
2 days before exactly 10 July 2009, I got an Email from Yahoo which said

"Important notice: GeoCities is closing on October 26, 2009".
That time, I'm thinking "I'd had a website at GeoCities and I almost forgot it." Why? Because GeoCities offer very limited features and the URL is rather difficult to remember.

After then, I opened logged in and found another closing service from Yahoo.
Y! 360° is a blog service from Yahoo and today 13July, 2009 is the last day to copy your Yahoo!360° blog content! Better Quick! Until this post created you still have 17hours to copy your entire post at Y!360° blog!!

FYI: Me myself don't own a blog Y!360°.
However my
FIRST website I created my own
was at Y!GeoCities ==>,

but I think it's not accessible anymore from public. I gonna move the files to my domain at later.

Sights, I think I can still keep my first website I created at the place. But what can we say, it's free service and Yahoo did offer unlimited space at Y!Mail already. In My Opinion (IMO) that's why Yahoo keep closing its services, which taking much bandwidth.

Just like Yahoo!Briefcase which closed before, and now GeoCities and 360°Blog also closing, that's all happen because Unlimited Space at Yahoo Mail (My Own Opinion).
Nothing we could do for those all, EXCEPT . . . . .
COPY/BACKUP Our files,post,website,everything
from Yahoo! Geocities and 360° Blog NOW!!

That's all I can say, Hope it's useful and you aren't late..
Bye-2 ^.^


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