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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson a.k.a Jacko The King Of Pop

Hello all,

It's late, but I will post this.
The King of Pop Michael Jackson was died on 50th 29 June 2009(1958-2009) and buried yesterday. Memorial service was held on Staples Center Los Angeles. Fans, Friends, and Family of Michael Jackson (Jacko) was coming there. However not all the fans can get the tickets it's very limited, and so all fans who got those tickets was very happy there.

One things which make that Memorial service very interesting, touching, memorable. It was when Michael's daughter, Paris Jackson, expressed her love for her late father. She Said,"I Just wanna say, I Love Him So Much".
You can also see the video recorded at the moment inside Staples Center.
at ==>

More info I knew (Not guaranteed the truth^^'):
~Jacko Brains were not buried with his body, they said they to autopsy more about his death.
~Google also thought if it was under attack on the day Michael Jackson Died, because of overhelming search of "Michael Jackson"
~And there were many information that I heard but not sure about it, so I didn't write it here.
~Since Michael Jackson make a "full body surgeon/modification" about from 25years old, he kept suffering and need to consumes Drugs to cover his suffer

Read more about Michael Jackson on BBC:

And All I Can and Wanna Say is :
"Rest In Peace Michael Jackson The King Of Pop"


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