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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

REAL Download DotA 6.61b AI+ 1.53 PA4

Long Time No Post, and I have no idea what to post.

I will post something DotA Players all over the world WANTED to DOWNLOAD, this thing was still very rare and hardly to find in the internet. Because many website lying/fake their post title to got visitor view their website/blog.
And it was a RELEASED MAP named DotA AllStars v 6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre-Alpha 4.

So, Attention WOW(World Of Warcraft) Players,
HERE! You'll FIND the REAL DOWNLOAD OF DOTA AllStars v 6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre-Alpha 4 MAP.

OK, I Know you were in HURRY to Download the DotA AllStars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 PA 4. But continue reading a little more.

I want to share my experience in DotA v6.61b AI+ 1.53 PA 3. In DotA 6.61b AI+ PA 3, there were so much bugs especially with Atropos. With Atropos, you can kill any heroes in just seconds even in level 1. The bug was in the 3rd skill, you will just need to get near the enemy, USE 3rd SKILL move near the enemy, and the enemy HERO HP(Health) will REDUCED RAPIDLY to Dying. So, don't use Atropos with this DotA 6.61b AI+ PA 3 Map, its just like god in DotA.

However before u download,
I just tested the DotA AllStars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 PA 4 and The Atropos - Bane Elemental 3rd Skill Nightmare BUG still not fixed. So I recommend you to not use Atropos with this DotA 6.61b AI+ 1.53 PA 1/2/3/4 Map, except if you play just for fun. Also this isn't an Official Map.

INTERESTED? Can't Wait Anymore? OK, OK..
This is it => DotA AllStars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre-Alpha 4 by Killerbee via 4Shared.

And Be Warned! This map were Unplayable with WarCraft v 1.24 in my experience. Currently I'm using WarCraft v1.20.

Thanks for KillerBee, you answered our Search of DotA v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Map.

More Hot INFO : The OFFICIAL DotA v6.61b AI v0.21 by BuffMePlz were going to be released within next week said BuffMePlz. So Wait for it!



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