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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Princeton Highlights Miniature Bluetooth Receiver

Princeton thinks small with its new Bluetooth adapter
Princeton Miniature USB Bluetooth Receiver

When it comes to mobile devices, smaller is often time better. We witnessed this last month with the release of the Logitech VX Nano wireless notebook mouse.

The VX Nano did away with the traditional, bulky RF receiver for a much smaller unit that barely juts out from the USB port. Logitech's assertion with the new design was that customers wouldn't need to remove the receiver due to its small size and thus eliminated the fear of breaking or losing the receiver.

Princeton is taking that same concept to heart with its new PTM-UBT3S Bluetooth 2.0+EDR USB adapter. The adapter measures just 14mm x 19mm x 4.5mm, weighs just 5.5 grams and will happily sync with any of your Bluetooth-enabled peripherals.

Princeton notes that the PTM-UBT3S is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X.

The tiny device will be available in Japan this September for 2,480 yen ($22 USD). There is no word on U.S. availability although it probably won't be long before the devices show up on eBay.

Taken from DailyTech


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