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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX and GTS already in November?

The rumor kitchen around NVIDIAs next GeForce generation runs again on full speed. Different sources assume the new generation will come in November on us. Over leaky placing the first Specs is to have come to the daylight.

If one had assumed that first, which becomes the G92 rather a Midrange map, one goes now nevertheless rather from a High ends to model, thus to a GeForce 9800 out. With the GeForce 9800 the GeForce 8800 will already again retired have and it comes a further technology step to us.

To the unconfirmed data from the Leak sources according to the G92 is introduced in November 2007. The new GPU is over a billion (1000 million.) Transistors order. To the comparison, in the G80 there 681 millions.

The G92 will possess 9800 GTX version into the GeForce the following specifications:

- 65nm process technology RK TSMC.
- Over one trillion of transistor.
- Second generation Unified Shader Architecture.
- doubles precsion support (FP64).
- GPGPU native.
- Over one TeraFLOPS OF of shader processings power.
- MADD+ADD configuration for the more shader untis (2+1 FLOPS FLOPS by ALU)
- Fully Scalar Design.
- 512-bit MEMORY interface.
- 1024MB GDDR4 graphics MEMORY.
- DirectX 10,1 support.
- OpenGL 3,0 support.
- OD RAM for the "FREE 4xAA".
- Built in audio chip (HDMI).
- Built in tesselation unit (into the graphics core)
- Improved AA and AF quality level

Also the prices for the maps are obviously already more or less well-known. So the GTX version of the GeForce 9800 is to lie between 549 and 649 USD and the GTS version between 399 and 449 USD.

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