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Monday, December 28, 2009

Many Post planned to made, but.... I dunno what 2 say, maybe just share it

Long Time no post in these 2 last months.

Yeah, I've been very busy in these months, many computer customers called me to repair their computers. I also make record for the biggest number of computer customers in a month.. haha..

After these time passed, I faced the School's tests. Which take about a week of stressful day.. Then there is another thing to do in my todo list, it's my work at FreeLancer the best place to earn money as a freelancer over the internet, better than ad too :D.

Just Check it out Here! There is Nothing to lose, but much things to Earn.

Back to the main topic, according to the title.
Actually since long time ago, I have always planned what post to made in my blog, I get them when I'm browsing the internet so I can remember them easier. And when it comes the time to post I'm ready with those topics. And now there are about long enough list I've been made in the note.

What make it hard to be posted here is because I need a long time to write a post, IMO I'm a kind of Perfectionist Boy. hehe

In my list, I just write down the keyword of title I'm going to post here. I'm going to share it, because I don't really can force myself to write it all down here before 2009 ended right? hehe

Don't be confused, because all of it written only with keywords.. hehe

1. netlimiter
2. realdaytime
3. Bit n Byte
4. make blog post feed -> short
5. install flash player 4 opera, mozilla
6. Systeminfo
7. Recycle Bin: permanent, capacity
8. Report Deceased FB member
9. GAF
10. sec task manager
11. MB Out of battery n change
12. [Sharing]mp3 meta tag bugs chinese, long lyric, '/' cant
13. short tutor to bypass nt password login
14. hack into xp computer w/o change password
15. poll how long did you take for an article?
16. Defrag ony a folder
17. Kanji converter
18. Website Size Calculator Optimization
19. Novetebook VGA rank
21. (EDIT:Change file attributes post)
22. dropbox
23. Super C video converter
24. youtube MP4 hack
25. disable unread email notification in login screen
26. standard desktop icons
27. system requirment labs
29. Intel Monitor Rotation
30. websites
31. Joomla menu placement code
32. Search Driver
33. deathswitch
34. Windows live writer mail photo gallery
35. Pretend as a Chinesean master
36. bypass protected files
That's all I can tell today, I will try to make some most important post before then end of 2009 for you all.

Anyway Dota 6.65 map is out. Check it out @

Keep an eye here. Because I will working hard to make Top Tips for your Computer ^o^


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