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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[EXP]Problem Installing Flash Player 10 for Mozilla, Opera, and Safari Browser

OK Here it is..
That time I was re-formatting my customer's computer. And when it comes the time to install the Flash Player, I used the flash player setup from my pc. I downloaded the Offline Setup version with Internet Explorer on my PC several months ago, which make the Adobe Flash website give Internet Explorer version only. So my customer's customer still couldn't access flash contents from Mozilla Firefox(as it's their favourite browser) or even Opera and I still didn't know the different.

I Checked the exact same version with the one at internet and re-downlaod it, but still no hope. Searching through the Google only give me answer of moving some part of the plugin's files and installing the newest version, but still it wouldn't help.

Until then, I found another link that give me a way to troubleshoot this problem. I found a new link that lead me to the page at Adobe Flash website that give us option to choose to download different version of Adobe Flash. And that time I just know, that Adobe Flash Player have many different version for each Operating Systems and Browsers.

So When you asking or wondering: How to install Adobe Flash Player for Mozilla, Opera, Safari, and etc at Windows 7/Vista/XP/Linux/Solaris/Mac OS and etc.
You can find the answer here.

1.Simply go to
2.Choose your Operating System and Your Target Browsers
3.Then click "Agree & Install Now"

There you go, you are downloading the right version of Adobe Flash Player 10 for your specific Browser and Operating System. And now you know How to install Adobe Flash Player for Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari smoothly. :)

TIPS: Add the name Operating System(OS) and Browser version to the filename of 'Adobe Flash Player setup', so you can know the version easier later.

Hope It helps.. ;)


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