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Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to make Eastern Language Character Readable on Win XP

Hello all,
I have some of Chinese songs with Eastern(Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) Language Character in the filenames.. I'd installed the Chinese character support oon my notebook, but not my PC.. And I need to MANUALLY INSTALL this feature.. All you need is:
1.The Windows XP Installation CD, we just need the files in the CD.
2.230MB of Disk Space on System HDD, for Eastern Language Files

I Will write some Eastern Text
이것은 구글과 번역된 한국어를 입력할 수있습니다.

If u can see the Eastern Chararters above, that's mean your computer is installed with Eastern Language Character Support, if not you might need to Read a little more through this post.

To Install Eastern Chararter Support, follow these steps:
1. Open Control Panel
2. ~In Category View go to:
"Date,Time,Language,&Regional Options" ==> "Regional & Language Option"
~In Normal View open "Regional & Language Option".
3. Click on "Languages" tab
4. Check "Install files for East Asian Languages"!!
5. Press OK on Pop-ip dialog box.
6. Click OK/Apply
7. Computer will now prompt you to insert the Windows XP Installation Disk
Point to a specified files..
8. After Finished copying files, Restart your computer..
9. And Reopen this post..
10. There you go, the Eastern Languages Character are now Readable in your Windows XP.

Hope it's useful..


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