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Saturday, May 9, 2009

[EXP]Problems on Downloading Windows 7

Hello all,

Let me tell something, I tried to start download from the 1st day(6May) since it's can be publicly downloaded. But the page won't load when I open it with Opera. On the 2nd day, I tried to open it with IE6 and Mozilla. IE6 can open the page, but can't load the ActiveX content, but FireFox do can.. In Other Words, Supported Browsers to Download Windows 7 are Internet Explorer 7/8 and Mozilla Firefox 3.

The Speed is stable for me 30-40kb/s and I left my computer download at night to morning when I'm about to go to school, and stopped it at 55% progress.. Then 2nd problem appears, I started to resume the download after I got home after school. But something went wrong, it said:

"Could not resume the download. The file has changed on the server (MD5 mismatch)."
THEN I must restart from the beginning again!?!?!?! OMG

Whatever, this time I'm not gonna stop and shut down my computer..
On the 4th day(9may) 00:05AM, I restart it from the scratch again..
3rd Problem occured on 1PM to 3PM, I didn't know if the download slowed down too slow and stopped on 76% of progress..
Then I take the risk by Stopping it, but it can't stop, I forcibily close the browser n open the download page again to resume.. Luckily, it's resumed with stable speed..
And finished at about 8.15PM, non-stop downloading about 20 Hours..

TIPS Summary to download Windows 7 from this post are:
1. Try not to stop the download OR worse shutting down your computer, I think shut down the computer is the cause of md5 mismatch
2. If the download countdown timer stopped too long, try stop and resume it again. If it can't stop, restart the BROWSER not computer..

Hope it helps.. ~.^

INFO: I will try to installed it to my PC soon. Soon?!? Yup, because I have another exam from this Monday to Wednesday, Hope I can pass it easily, OKay?? ^.^


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