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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Access Friendster Private Profile w/o FS Account

Hello all,

At the last post about Friendster(FS) Hacking, we can access private photos.. But It's death for now..
The Latest News
in FS Hacking is to Access Private FS Profile, same with the last hacking trick NO NEED FS ACCOUNT to hack them..

The Free Service will automatically download Photos(exc. private photos), user profile, and comments from the target profile and Viewed directly from the website. I think it's good enough right..

8Digits of UID Numbers
(Read More at "Access Priv Photos...")

the CUSTOM URL link.. (example: )

I Wouldn't tell u anything more..
The Free FS Private Profile Hacking Service can be accessed from :

NoTe 2 Read :The Hacking Script still cannot view the private photos..
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1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

i hope there's an updated code fort his trick..=( gonna bookmarked this site for a while..ill check this from time to time..

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