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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Late Post 'bout MiMusic ~ But Still Important T.T

Hello all,

As some of you knew, that I'm an owner & administrator of which had been suspended by the hosting.. That MiMusic is my First and most perfect website that I managed 'till now(even using Joomla CMS)..

MiMusic also provided musics for so much friendster page and webpages.. I'm so sorry for all MiMusic's music users that lost the music in their pages, especially for those putting it in friendster. Why?? Becoz friendster also having problem when uploading music's codes..

Once more, I'm Sorry for you all..
And MiMusic will be in my History..
Now I'm thinking about how MiMusic future would be, I will retry to ReBuild MiMusic in next several months, now I'm trying to search a new web host that can receive MiMusic..

Even now I'm still sad about this, I only have MiMusic backup which last taken on 22 Sept 2008.. SO it's impossible to make it in short time..

Bye n Thanks for reading.. T.T


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