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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Changing Associated Programs with Certain Filetype

Hello all,

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Most of Program or Application that we Installed into our computer, added new filetype or associating with certain filetype which will added filetypes compability in our system.

For example,
example 1: when you install RealPlayer, in default installation it'll automatically associate itself with 3GP, RM, and etc filetypes and when we open 3GP or RM files it'll automatically opened with RealPlayer.
example 2: when you install ACDSee, it'll automatically associate itself with JPG,BMP, and other pic filetype. And when we open JPG/BMP/etc pics file it'll automatically opened with ACDSee.

But in some case, we don't like it opened with certain program.
We can change it by managing/changing the associated program..

There are 2 ways to change it..
1st steps:
1. Right-click on the file with the filetype that you want to change the associated program.
2. Open with -> Choose program
3. Choose the program that you want to make as default viewer
and checklist 'always use selected program to open this kide of file'
4. OK

2nd steps:
1. open explorer or my computer
2. select tools -> folder options
3. click on 'file types' tab
4. find the filetype that you want to change
(tips: type 'x' will point you to filetype with 'x' as the first letter)
5. click 'change' and select the program you want as default program for that filetype
(tips: you can also click 'restore' to roll back to the prev. default program)

Hope it helps ^.^

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