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Friday, October 17, 2008

KidZui - The Web Browser for KIDS

Did you used parental control program in your/kids computer??
Then I think u need this FREE browser/program for your kids

Your kids will not be tired anymore, just because they can't access many things that they're searching. Your kids will fun and happy, because they can access everything suitable for them.

"KidZui is: software that allow kids to safely and independently explore the web" KidZui

IMO, KidZui is safe yet easy for your kids to browsing the internet.
With KidZui your kids can communicate with other kidz, rating the content in KidZui, and many mores. There are more than 1 million website that your kids gonna love, ll content is reviewed by teachers and parents so your kids can surf independently.

For Parents
You can access parent control panel from kidzui website, you can log every activity that your kids did.
There are also Premium membership, that will added features for both kids and parent.

Now, download the KidZui Browser at :


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