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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Email Timer - Send emails to urself in the future automatically

Do you have a scheduled email to be send in the future?
Now you can make an auto-email sender, email timer, email to the future, and anything that make you can email to anyone you want in the future automatically.

Is there anything useful uses for this kind of service?
IMO, yes. You can tell yourself 1,2,3 until 10 years in the future about what happened in today. Which sometimes can make you funny. Especially for you who always checking your email 24 hours a day. ^^

Wanna try? Follow these:
2.Fill all the form there (target email; subject; ur message; put the scheduled date, time, timezone; and choose between private/public, if you choose public ur message can be viewed by public.)
3.Click "Send".

Hope it usefull for you. ^^


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