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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

About Me

Hello all,

My name is Mickeel Pramono. I am 14 years old now and still Intermediate School. I live in Indonesia.

I made this blog to keep my experiences online and help you if you had a problem about computer. Here I will give priority to post experiences in troubleshooting computer trouble, not to forget my experiences with computer in using programs and all that related to computer and technology.

Before I made this blog there are many experiences that I get. So that experiences will I post here slowly.

I’m sorry if there are wrong words or offending words, that maybe caused I am still this young.

Thank You


Mufid said...

Hi. How do you do? From your post i can know you're indonesian. But why you're using english?

Unknown said...

Ya, maybe the answer is I'm using google adsense. Which need English language to make my blog approved. But I'm gonna make this blog dual language after 10 posts here.

So be patients OK!

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